2023 Dotdash Media, Inc. All rights reserved, Arlin Cuncic, MA, is the author of "Therapy in Focus: What to Expect from CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder" and "7 Weeks to Reduce Anxiety.". Your risk of developing cancer will decrease, and your liver function will have greatly improved. When I re-read this, I saw that it was a little too much unicorns and rainbows. Much more flexible and feel younger. I drank A LOT of those drinks but after a couple months it got easier and easier. Relationships are healthier, friends are closer (those that stayed and supported rather than the ones that judged and left). I had to laugh recently looking at a Fathers Day picture of me with the family. Then a week passed,then 2,3 and finally 30 days sober. Im 6ft 1 and was 59kg when I was in hospital due to drinking. hope this helps shed some light to support people in stopping although i will never preach. I feel good. Wish me luck! There are many benefits to giving up alcohol, both short-term and long-term. It's no secret that alcohol doesn't do us any good but it easy to forget just how damaging it really is. My husband still drinks everyday but for me the benefits outweigh the initial buzz feeling. Getting through each day will slowly become easier and more normal to you, and youll begin to find new hobbies that dont include drugs or alcohol. Not drinking was easy, dealing with lifes stresses without alcohol has been the difficult part. Alcohol abuse takes a toll on the liver and brain. I cant tell you how glad I am that I took that step that day. I tried portioning out 6 oz a day, and just caved after a couple of days. Stop counting. I drink the 0% beers now Alan. After a few weeks to a month, Johnson says the central nervous system repairs: You start thinking more clearly, your memory is better, and you can concentrate better.. Sleep Foundation. Not good. I feel edgy and moody. To have a drink now would feel strange and wrong. Hangovers, unfulfilled promises not to drink and embarrassment tend to lead to self loathing which has been a joy to shake off. It took 2 months. If the wife needs fuel in her car or the kids need medication I can go out at anytime and do it. Im just way more productive when Im home. The day before NYs Eve 21, I stopped drinking alcohol completely. I have high blood pressure but its normal again. Came close to not making it a few times and even ended up in icu for a few weeks. For the sugar cravings and dehydration, nothing beats fresh fruit for me. Glad i found HSM as it inspired me to keep going after a few weeks when i felt like having a drink as reading everyones journeys made me realise it was worth keeping going. You decide what the genre is , haI agree with the chocolate consumption and everything else..Im at 3 months. PHYSICALLY SPIRITUALLY & MENTALLY It has caused me to do and say things that have fractured my family unit. It is nice to read all the comments and be able to relate. I thought this would subside but its only become worse. I feel great cant ever see me drinking again dont miss it at all !! Adf.org.au. Youve made it to 6 months! I love myself more, Im I come back here from time to time when i relapse. Sadly this time the great sleeps havent happened. i have been diagnosed with chronic liver disease and will be dead within a year if i continue drinking alcohol.i always thought it would never happen to me but guess what .. if that is not a wake up call to anybody i dont know what is. Gotta say, didnt really expect that from my grandparents, lol. It can increase the percentage of liver fat and cause it to function abnormally. Weight loss, its patchy but does come, youve goto do some exercise, be prepared for this, as the huge amounts of crap you eat do replace some of the cravings. After retiring at 58 I celebrated for two years in which 3-5 glasses turned into 2 bottles and a joint per day. I wake up an hour earlier than I used to NOT TIRED and not hungover! Perhaps a B-Multi might help? Belly fat. 3 months on going without a drop of alcohol. I never thought I could quit but I did it! Im way less social though. Seek help and dont let one little mistake bring you down. I found that many of my friends also wanted to try to stop or cut down, they did temporarily, however, this journey needs to come from within when you are ready!! In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesnt matter how hard it was to make it. There was no negotiation. Sleeping better, In the next two months I will wean myself off sugar. Avoid going to parties where you know you will have to face alcohol, as much as you can. Six weeks free from alcohol at the moment,one year is the goal!! Eating 1800-2000 calories a day. A year and a half ago, I dropped from 4-8 commercial beers a day down to just two a day. Here is how it worked for me after failed attempts after 1 then 3 months then 6 then 12 Im waiting for my body to adjust from sobriety which I hope it eventually does, I feel like Im in hell mentally and physically. A bottle a night of red wine slowly became almost 2 bottles everyday. Since around 18 I never went longer then a week with drinking heavily socially. Thanks to god n mom . Inflammatory issues such as arthritic hands & feet feel Bit I think Im going to stop drinking because of this. I didnt crave anything except red wine (I used this as part of my denial that I even had a problem). The sweet cravings have gone thru the roof. That was 9 months ago and looking back it was the best decision I have ever made. Earlier this year I managed 4 1/2 months AF. Great advice Sean, I was a heavy drinker for over 40 yrs could probably count non drinking days from that time on one hand but after you stop drinking you realise it was just unwanted baggage that you carried with you. I was drinking between 5-7 thousand calories per week! You can also trade the drinks dates with your friends for dates to take a walk, go to a workout class, or just grab dinner, because honestly, you don't need alcohol in every social situation. Required fields are marked *. Alcohol is full of sugar or carbohydrates that turn into sugar. I feel so much better now! Beyond Blue. I feel 100% better! I had a huge drinking problem, started off drinking on weekends with friends, turned into week days, then every day, most days I would sit there watching t.v or playing video games until I couldnt see the screen anymore. I was having 1 to 2 drinks a night. I really enjoy it but i was what made me feel happy. and finding I am completing more tasks at home in the evenings as Im not sinking into the couch with another Beer and ignoring the myriad of jobs to do on my very old but beautiful home. Weekends are still a struggle though, but weirdly got through Christmas and New Year without too much trouble. I was not very good.) Please know that you are helping this lurker.every. I had my first drink in 3.5 months yesterday (a half pint of beer) and am curious to know whether I am undermining the health benefits of not drinking in any real sense. I also started gym , eating more than I should. Your social anxiety might peak in this time. I have been reading this sites comments every night to help me not drink. I started working out and business got better. Front Behav Neurosci. Located on the historic peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina, Lantana Recovery takes a modern approach to Substance Use Disorder treatment, offering intensive clinical care while also immersing our clients in local Charleston culture. Before lockdown 1 I had stopped for 4 months then gave in Ive drank constantly since and Im about to embark on AF Again. This is because alcohol abuse can lead to serious health problems, such as liver disease and cancer. There are several medications (benzodiazepines, clonidine, etc.) Instead, I realized Sobriety was something I had. Then I lost control again. I put 1/3 of a serving into my oatmeal in the morning and it makes it taste delicious with some blueberries, strawberries or watermelon. Im back on the dry 14 days and determined to stay off it. Improved relationships. Oh and I lost 8 pounds so far!!! 6 Months Without Alcohol and Life is Beautiful In month five of not drinking alcohol, I knew I was a different person. Im going to keep travelling this path. Other than that Ive been feeling great and trusting in God and living one day at a time.. Hi everyone. Maybe after a year i might see all these real benefits. Im at three months now and your comments made me laugh because they are so relatable Ive experienced the smugness and no weight loss for me because somehow Ice Cream has come crashing into my life in a big waycant get enough of it Good luck to all on their path to sobriety! Short- and Longer-Term Benefits of Temporary Alcohol Abstinence During Dry January Are Not Also Observed Among Adult Drinkers in the General Population: Prospective Cohort Study. And yes I do have ice cream before bed but others are noticing the weight loss and complimenting. Ive not lost any weight. If you have been addicted for a long period of time, your body is still healing from all the toxins d6 months soberuring these 6 months. Had Covid and stomach virus at the same time 6 weeks ago. i am a 54 year old woman who had a severely damaging relationship with alcohol for 30 years. I have lost weight and my mood is good, havent felt this great in so long. Get some nice drinks in, I found fizzy water with ginger cordial an absolute must, it gives you a back of the throat kick, put ice in a nice glass and its a refreshing drink, that gets you through. Check out the Daybreak app to connect with others who may be going through a similar experience or reach out to a health professional such as GP. Returned to fitness and great nutrition. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2022 Jan-. Thats fantastic! Because it feels so good. What next: Im healthier, happier, more energetic and clear thinking. Smugness yes it is there! Stay strong its a poison thats become socially acceptable. You can also look for jobs that dont allow alcohol at work to help you avoid any bad influence. My alcohol intake has steadily increased over the past 10 months, to what is now probably 4 or 5 bottles of wine a week. I was drinking nearly 16 pints of Stella artois, kronenburg 1664, sanmiguel on a nightly basis. I have the willpower to stop but I cant figure out why I feel like crap my sleeping is awful I wake up 3x during the night Ive even prayed listened to meditation healing music at night. After an year, your body will have completely healed and emptied itself of all the toxins that drinking alcohol brought. I told my mom last year I wanted to give it up and the reaction was no dont stop very unexpected. I was looking up what happens to your body when your alcohol free for 52 days . A liter of 80 proof bourbon a day. Every single nail is like this, and have been for the better part of a year. 354 days today. Im not experiencing all the gains I hoped for but I wouldnt have been classed a heavy drinker in the first place; I was consuming an average of about 20 units a week. But 3 months in, my sleep is still shocking. I want to and need to but i am scarred I cant. All my medical testing came back with healthy liver, healthy kidneys, healthy heart have a routine check up next month as that will mark 1 year since the liver told us something was going wrong if I didnt stop. But here's the thing: although it may have initially helped me head to dreamland, that alcohol seriously disrupted my REM cycle. HUGELY helpful and relatable. This is because alcohol can cause fatigue and decreased motivation, so when you stop drinking, you may find it easier to get things done. How Sleep Satisfaction Affects Your Energy Level Throughout The Day Sleep Foundation. Your worries and problems are still there, they still need to be dealt with, but with a clear head and guilt free mind are easier. Then 2 and 3 months passed. My health was at high risk for stroke or heart attack. If you're one of these individuals, you may have decided that it's time to quit drinking. When you stop drinking, you have the opportunity to:Improve your mood, anxiety, and stress levelsGet better sleep and feel more restedFocus on having better relationships with your friends and familyHave better attention and concentration in school and workFeel more energetic and productive The weight around my middle was the first to go once I cut out alcohol. Its stubbornness is making me nervous af though, I am seeing my physician mid January for more kidney tests (so far so good, may be okay) and Ill have to ask him then. Im 118 lbs. Alcohol paralyzes brain cells and prevents us from sense life and everything around us 2. I read every article on what alcohol does to your mind & body. Ive made sure that Ive not become preachy about not drinking. I slept much better when I drank. It is a deliberate choice that will continue to haunt you for long. I laughed I went over my former wine buddys house today and we went for ice cream. As Ive got older my drinking progressed to me doing it at home as I got a family a stopped going to the pub as much. My house is clean (mostly) and organized (80%). Most people didnt care. Im currently on 2 weeks AF and planning to do 6 and see how I feel. The darker pink area is also visibly raised. But otherwise, my quits were for a couple of days. Not to forget a significant financial saving which I have used to reward myself in different ways. I like to drink the majority of the day on Saturday and Sunday. Four months today. I tried dry January a few years ago, and succeeded. I feel that Ive only just started to get to know myself, for the first time in my life (Im 47). Its pretty clear that the person who wrote this does not know what the phuck they are talking about. This will create a sense of humbleness and relief inside you. I came to this site when I began my journey and continue to come back as I go on. I now have 2 to 3 mid strength beers of an afternoon rather than a few heavy beers then red wine with dinner and post dinner. It was better before. Hoping Ill feel so great Ill stay off alcohol for good. When you are in a peaceful place physically and mentally, you will not look for other ways to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety. One of the most significant benefits of giving up alcohol is that you may increase your lifespan. I sleep better, look better, am enjoying meditation and exercise, am nicer to be around (Im told) and go to bed counting my blessings and looking for ways to be a better person in a difficult world. To be honest, I'm not sure how many drinks I downed each week, but it was more than five during any given night out. Ive become active in sports and generally overall my life is much better. AF since Christmas and already down 10 pounds. Have not had alcohol for 6 weeks and lost another 5 lbs in 2 weeks. All I have to say is thank god I didnt let it get to the point where I actually feel like I need to drink. Fortunately I am not overweight so a few extra chocolates wont hurt. And I drink tea. You can go back to a sober living home at any point in your life when you feel it difficult to deal with your urges on your own. Take time out for others and give something back to society. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates. My normal personality is quiet and somewhat shy. Really interesting. It wasnt easy, and I have experience d many of the benefits, sleep, clarity, less anxiety, but alcohol is a cleaver little thief, it sneaks around in the back of my thoughts telling me Ive done so well, and you see you never really had a problem, so you can now enjoy a moderate drink. Badly and very slowly. I wanted to be able to stop, when I would try and go a couple days to sober up if I had to be somewhere for work, I would lay in a fetal position on the couch , clenched jaw, unbearable anxiety, shakes and night sweats. That overall sluggishness and lack of sleep that come from alcohol may contribute to consuming more calories and weight gain, research published in Nutrition and Diabetes shows. Your life is precious. Forty years was plenty. I still exercised, but I didnt enjoy it anymore. So why continue the lie? Hopefully, youve started to experience some of those benefits from the 1 month list and its ok if it took a little longer than a month to notice them. congratula -Zzz zzz zzz. It gives you a whole new lease on life. I dont have much of an appetite and I have lost 25 lbs. One of the best things about giving up alcohol is that you may find yourself feeling happier overall. Stool related to nail bed changes? Lost 18lbs in the first 4 weeks. Im still craving drinking every single day but it IS getting easier. I have read some articles about nail color, and they all say there may be an underlying health issue. I do not know what to think. As time passes by you will notice healthy changes in your emotions, and with the help of therapy and counseling youll feel less and less depressed and mood swings. 2003;6(6):639-644. doi:10.1097/00075197-200311000-00006. Wine is my poison. Even up until 2016 I would regularly not drink for weeks at a time. Im a 53yr old male who has been a heavy drinker for 30yrs so feel as if it was now or never. I knew if I wanted to say goodbye to the weight, I'd have to say goodbye to the booze. This I find so strange after years of using it to handle any pressure . I am on day 78. I am a relative active person and this was not a surprise becasue I just started picking up my workouts even more. Day 9 today alcohol and nicotine free. I used to drink so much that I would constantly forget things people would tell me and spend a lot of time alone. Still tired, and really miss a Manhattan, but its just not worth it. Talk about vague, unexciting, and un-motivating. Once I reached my early 30s I began drinking a 12 pack a day and most of the time I would run out and go get another one. A big problem is boredom, especially during the dark winter months. I just want to know will things get better.i I know im still early in recovery but I have good energy days and days i cant get up i and im not balanced. Surprised it is not in this list. Just at 3 months. Plus, the high levels of salt and sugar content in alcoholic beverages may trigger the hormone IGF-1, which causes an over-production of oil in your skin (hi, pimples!). Alcohol free benefits that I have experienced are an improved sleep pattern, better skin, increased mental calrity (with time) and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Good luck.. Not going back, Its been a month now and l havent had a beer or smoked a joint. I drink a lot more water. I am getting up off my backside and getting things done instead of wasting days in constant mediocrity of hungover-ness. It buys you time until cravings are gone. But it was fun. Does tapering work and will you have a seizure? Eating candy is better than ingesting alcohol, and your body will adjust. My hairstylist confirmed this when I walked into the I just would like some encouragement and would like to know if anyone still had trouble thinking straight. Live life. Then I started to see a jump. The gains are amazing. I lost 15 kilograms. I sat down at a machine in a Safeway and just measured right away no waiting. A recent study backs up those claims and showed that giving up drinking boosts your mental health too. Alan completed a postgraduate degree in social work from Columbia University in New York City and is a licensed clinical social worker in FL, NJ, NC and SC. I have grandchildren that I want to be around to enjoy a long time. This is when the detox process begins. I am a everyday drinker for sleep. Koob GF. It will help you keep mind focused on the positive things and keep up with your sober living! You will be (you) again. Im hoping to avoid meds is why Im asking. I wish you well. I am 7 months sober now. It was just a habit. smh. As you go on staying sober for longer terms it will affect your brain positively. Non alcohol beer has been a life saver, allows me to be in social environment without the akwardness! Stillthis feels great! I had gained so much weight and got very sedentary. As I lay in bed now, life is looking good, Im feeling positive, only I can screw this up. They have flown so quickly that I hardly know whats happened in between, but I can tell you that an old habit never ever ever ever even gets tempted into entering the scene again. But a word of caution about just the one glass it doesnt work for most people. Really realizing how much alcohol was slowing me down, overall. Yes, chocolate bullets & sorbet are my go to. Planned my life around it. AND YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY AS YOU WANT. If youre considering quitting or struggling to stay sober, just know that youre not alone and although its difficult, youre incredibly strong and you can do this. had much alcohol past 2 weeks, stopped 2 days before test Dr. Ed Friedlander answered Pathology 46 years experience I'm happy for you: Congratulations on recognizing the problem. 4 Stages of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery, What to Do If Dry January Didnt Work for You, The Risks of Using Alcohol to Relieve Anxiety, Dry January: The Benefits of a Month Without Alcohol, The Risks of Drinking Alcohol While Taking Lexapro, Sleep Problems Associated With Alcohol Misuse, The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Medications, Mild, Moderate, and Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Im in my 12th month alcohol free. Hi,Ive been a light but regular drinker for years,Mr Average.Now retired, found more time to open a bottle. You may have some or all of the following:Upset stomachLow appetiteHeadacheWeird heartbeatsSweatingShakiness (tremors) But it was never a weekday occurrence I went awhile without. had my colonoscopy last night and it was clean:). Approaching people without the drink, dancing and having conversations you remember is great. My relationships, especially with my children. Completely resetting from the effects of alcohol, however, can take timeand not all effects may necessarily be reversible. But the thing is The only reason I hadnt quit was because the people around me were telling me I didnt have to, or shouldnt. Im at 6 months now after years of stop/start attempts. Used to drink about a 5th a day. I just turned 71 and until recently had been a regular drinker since my teens, some periods of my life more than others. Havent had a drink in over 3 months, but started eating chocolate after dinner and havent lost any weight. I dont really want to give up but I dont want to give up feeling great. Have slipped back but Thankyou for the reminder of the benefits. Ive now been off the sauce for couple weeks, I feel great. Decided last Wed to go to my doctor + get treated for past PTSD from trauma + head on car crash. Addiction comes in many forms and I am sure I will relapse, hell im 4 beer in now. For those who do get craving I can highly recommend Heinken 0.0. Today I am sober one day at a time. Ill drink about a litre, then the next night a litre and a half, then the next day two, this can go on for a bout a week, and then I wont sleep, wake up feeling bad, Ill stop for a few days and the whole cycle goes on again. Do it. Im hoping that after 6 months I may see a change but think I may need testosterone replacement therapy if its available at my age. Some studies have shown that upping your alcohol intake over time may put you at risk for long-term weight gain, though more research is needed on this. As a 57 year old man, not how I want to appear. Health and clear mind is my priority now. I did have 4 drinks between October 2021 and New Years Day 2022. Ive been sober for 6 months straight. When you have started staying sober you will feel anxious because of how others perceive you as an alcoholic and would not want to interact with you. I need to do this!! 1 months totally free going for 2 months. It was amazing how much better I felt. After losing two family members I started drinking extremely heavily. Its a bit bizarre. 3 weeks no booze, after escalating during Covid. .css-26w0xw{display:block;font-family:NationalBold,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-weight:bold;margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}@media (any-hover: hover){.css-26w0xw:hover{color:link-hover;}}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-26w0xw{font-size:1.18581rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:0.625rem;}}@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-26w0xw{line-height:1.2;}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.css-26w0xw{font-size:1.28598rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:0rem;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-26w0xw{font-size:1.575rem;line-height:1.1;margin-bottom:-0.5rem;}}Can You Get Pregnant From Anal Sex? Its hard but live on. Im 4 months AF. I feel alright, sleep is getting better after first 4 days of bad sleep. in the evenings! Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Posts are all inspiring and mirror much of my journey. Yes. My coffee intake also increased with half teaspoon of sugar in a mug, low fat milk. I stopped drinking in October last year. I have been trying to cut back as I have been drinking quite heavily over the last year. 1 month alcohol free. Just experienced my first alcohol free Christmas and loved it! Lost everything, wife n kids,my job of 23 years, was nearly on death bed, my health was shocking. They everywhere in australia now. This is what you can expect if you quit drinking for a while. At 8 months alcahol free, it has been an eye opening journey. Dont expect these great things though. I havent gone a year without alcohol since I was 16. I was really bothered by how much space it was taking up in my life even though I was functional I knew it was negatively affecting me. 7. Surprisingly, I didnt notice substantial changes after I cut down my alcohol consumption by 50-75%. I think its because my body is in shock. Day 53 of being sober sleep is finally coming back feeling way more refreshed when I wake up. I have energy, passion, drive, concentration & guess what? After two years of that my PCP called me in to have more blood work done because my liver enzymes were triple what they shouldve been. My wife has stopped drinking altogether due to some health concerns. This allows your body to adjust to the change. Everyday I marvel in the fact that I am happy, sleep well, and am calm and focused. I only had one surprise. I love this and I sure do relate to the overwhelming smugness of which you speak! At 3 months AF, I have almost nothing but positive things to say. Has been an interesting ride but my favourite result from being alcohol free has been the ability to do anything at anytime. I was a daily physically and mentally addicted alcoholic. But this is not healthy for you and can cause a relapse. Finally, you may start to The sugar cravings and dehydration are no joke. 2021;105(6):1117-1134. doi:10.1016/j.mcna.2021.05.016, Yeomans MR, Caton S, Hetherington MM. Ive been sober 9 months and loving it. Once again, well done bro. You can beat this thing and when you do, your body can forgive you. Now, there are a lot of things that happen in between these 6 months, from changes and improvement in mental health to ones physical health. The BP has mostly seen improvement but I still see higher numbers than normal. Ive previously done 4 week AF periods and always feel good. After Six Months: After half a year without drinking, you will really start to reap the rewards. June 12th,19 days in, sleeping better, eating better , just finding things to do, thanks all. They also said im diabetic so im working hard. Then I looked up the symptoms for alcohol withdrawal and, surprise! Im at day 4 and feel great. Good for you. Ive been doing this for years and I really want to stop. I was a weekend binge drinker up until the shutdown. I now choose to live the last third of my life in good health and the best way for me was to remove alcohol, make different dietary choices and get regular exercise. I was very very sick and was committed to a tough rehab unit. You will gradually start to see your organ systems functioning better. Its a con, and you have been railroaded and (you) arent that stupid. Once you realize how unproblematic sober life is, you will keep yourself away from situations where you might face dangers of relapse. To Sandy Im 10 days in too , not as confident as you sound but giving it a good shot . Initially wanted to target 40 days, but now considering a much longer period. The first few months of sobriety might come with depression. Yes! Ive saved money (or rather spent it on other things). When I stopped drinking for the first 4 months all I thought & dreamed about was having a drink. Im having much less anxiety, and the anxiety is easier to calm down. Many will notice that their blood pressure has lowered if it was high before making changes. I just lost my nephew from vodka. Its personal, private, and powerful. I didnt really replace it with anything unhealthy. This is a wonderful comment and really resonates with my own experience. Do not be the person in the corner.
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